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Thank you for visiting our KMS Library web-page. Please take your time and explore a few sites I made available to you. There is a wonderful hidden world awaits you with just a click of a mouse or a tap of your fingers. See what other teens are reading, which books your librarian and teachers are excited about, and check out which books and e-books your library has available to you. Also, don’t forget to check out your Kopachuck Middle School Library HOME page, by clicking on KMS Library Search. Thank you and explore away.

News from our library:

A HUGE THANK YOU TO our amazing parent volunteers who brought great success in this FAll Book Fair. A special thank you to Jackie Morgan/Book Fair Coordinator and Kristin Nordquist. Their time and commitment to literacy is invaluable. I also would like to thank our main office personnel who helped made the event ran smoothly. Last but not least, thank you all you amazing, wonderful, brilliant Coyotes who believed in the power of being supportive and constructively productive. YOU ARE LUMINOUS!

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