Elementary School

School Improvement Plan

Peninsula School District and its schools are using the school improvement process to increase student achievement. Each school has a leadership team to facilitate their staff through data analysis, goal setting, research, and the implementation of a 3-5 year Action Plan that reflects the needs of their students. The school improvement process is a critical part of each school's work to establish a Professional Learning Community within their school as the foundation for the change process. This is a highly collaborative process requiring a shared commitment to increasing student learning over time.

Minter Creek Elementary runs on the Peninsula School District collaboration program. We start school every Wednesday one hour late, 10:00 a.m., with buses picking students up one hour later than their designated time. This time is used for staff to come together and address building and classroom operations, to work in teams to improve programming for our students and to plan festive activities to celebrate our students.

Contact the front office for more information about Collaboration Wednesday activities.

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